January 01, 2021

Grüezi, hello, bonjour and salute

Hope everyone had a healthy and safe holiday season. I always looked forward to the January Postillion to renew my Swiss Club Membership and add dates for Fondue, Easter Egg Hunt, Swiss National Day etc. to the calendar. While the future of getting together in person remains uncertain, I have added some dates to the calendar so we can at least celebrate together virtually.

Membership renewals for 2020 were extended to include 2021. If you renewed your membership for 2020, there is no need to renew for 2021. If you did not renew your membership for 2020, you may now renew for 2021. If you have any membership questions, please email Janine Ali.

Looking forward to what 2021 promises.

Stay safe and be well.

Lynn Feldpausch Zipf
Swiss Club President


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